How to lose weight in a month - man looking at scales

Why would you want to lose weight anyway?

People who are overweight can get very annoyed with others telling them they need to lose weight. The advice could be on the television, in the newspapers, or on the internet, but if you’re overweight it always seems to be the same message – “you need to lose weight”.

Two reasons to lose weight – one much better than the other

There are two angles, or directions that this weight loss message could be coming from. The first is the increasing obsession with the way we look. In this case we are being made to think that unless we are stick-thin then we are some kind of obese loser. I have no time for this type of message and paying any attention to it is just a recipe for unhappiness. The other weight loss message that we receive is much more helpful, and I believe paying attention to this message will lead to greater health and happiness for most people. [Read the full article…]

Breaking Bad – we should all do it

Breaking Bad - we should all do it

For some time I’ve been hearing about what a great show “Breaking Bad” is, although I had never watched it. I also heard that the last season (season 6) had been shown and now it’s all over. I think the thing that put me off was the summary, which said that Walter White receives a […]

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Meditation – what are the benefits?

Meditation - what are the benefits?

What is meditation anyway? I don’t usually like articles or speeches that start with, “I looked up this word (in this case meditation) in the dictionary and what it said was…”, so I was delighted when I looked the word “meditation” up on Wikipedia and found it had all sorts of origins and definitions. This […]

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Millionaire MBA (a review)

Millionaire MBA

The Millionaire MBA is an audio business mentoring programme that I came across a few years ago. I should just say right off the bat that if you follow the programme you don’t actually receive an MBA degree or a certificate, but the Millionaire MBA programme does provide information that will help you become a […]

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Sleep deprivation symptoms – is this you?

Sleep deprivation symptoms - is this you?

How often do you feel tired during the day? Sometimes you might not even realise that tired is what you actually feel. You might just feel strange, hungry, restless, unhappy, or any one ore more of a number of other symptoms of sleep deprivation. People may tell you that you look tired, and it may […]

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Drink less alcohol – get more done

Drink less alcohol - get more done

Some of the information available on alcohol consumption is quite confusing. There’s no doubt that excessive alcohol consumption is very harmful, leading to liver disease, high blood pressure, brain damage and an increased risk of developing cancer. For example, NIH provide resources on the harmful effects of heavy drinking. However, it’s the information on moderate […]

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What are the best NLP books?

What are the best NLP books?

I received an email from Amazon today telling me about a new(ish) book on NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) called, “”. While I was wondering whether to buy it or not I started thinking about which of the many NLP books I have read is the best one. I have collected a large number over the years, […]

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Who’s got the power?

Can you spot who’s got the power? Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have all the power? Maybe it’s at work, socially or in sports situations. Others seem to defer to them, worry about what they will think, allow them to dictate the mood in any setting and take care over what […]

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The winner effect: the science of success and how to use it (a review)

The Winner Effect

How power affects your brain “” was written by Ian Robertson and came out in 2012. The hardback version has the subtitle, “How Power Affects Your Brain” (as shown in the picture here), but I guess the publishers thought that saying that it was about, “The Science of Success and How To Use It”, would […]

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