Breaking Bad – we should all do it

Breaking Bad - we should all do it

For some time I’ve been hearing about what a great show “Breaking Bad” is, although I had never watched it. I also heard that the last season (season 6) had been shown and now it’s all over. I think the thing that put me off was the summary, which said that Walter White receives a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer and with nothing to lose, and only a few years to live, he uses his training as a chemist to cook and sell crystal meth with one of his former students. How interesting could that be I wondered? I don’t really like the glamorisation of illegal drugs and I was sure that’s what it would be about. How wrong could I have been?

Giving “Breaking Bad” a try

Having avoided the show all these years I recently stumbled across the Breaking Bad season one DVD box set in a supermarket at a knock-down price, which I bought. I wasn’t that keen but I thought I might watch it at some point in the future when I had nothing else to do. That evening I actually had nothing else to do, so I put disk one in the DVD player. Wow! It wasn’t what I expected at all.

It’s about a guy who feels he’s been run over by life

I could see immediately that the show isn’t about a man who makes and sells illegal drugs. It’s about a man who has reached middle age and is feeling totally run-over by life. This is a feeling many (if not most) of us can identify with, which probably explains the show’s popularity. When Walter is diagnosed with terminal cancer he decides to manufacture crystal meth to raise enough money to take care of his family after he’s gone.

Live like you were dying

This reminded me of a song recorded by Tim McGraw, called “Live you were dying”, that’s about what you would do if you only had so much time left to live. It also made me think about something I heard about Steve Jobs, who used to say to himself, “if this was my last day on earth, would I want to be spending today like this?”. So in “Breaking Bad”, Walter starts to live like he was dying, which of course he was.

But aren’t we all dying?

The thing is though, aren’t we all dying? Don’t we all just have a limited time on earth? So why do we spend it in a way that makes us unhappy, living “lives of quiet desperation”? Why do we waste our lives in jobs that make us miserable? Someone recently told me the only thing they hated more than his job was himself for doing it. What is this all about, why not do something else? This isn’t a very cheery thought, but we don’t seem to realise that time is the most precious thing we have because it is so limited.

“Breaking Bad” is very inspiring

I am still only on season two of Breaking Bad (season 3 on its way from Amazon), so I don’t know how the story is going to develop, but so far I have found it to be very inspiring. Walter White goes into the crystal meth business, which I don’t admire him for, but what I do find inspiring is the way he overcomes all the obstacles that he encounters. Before his diagnosis of cancer he seems to have let things get on top of him, but now that he is living like he was dying he is really getting things done.

We should all “Break Bad”

“Breaking Bad” has been a bit of an inspiration in this respect. It has made me revisit Anthony Robbins’ book “Unlimited Power” and to think about identifying some clear goals for my own future and becoming more committed to achieving them. I’ve got no intention of breaking bad into a venture like the crystal meth business, but it’s made me think that we shouldn’t stand for any nonsense. It’s made me think that we should focus on things we want to achieve and not let obstacles stop us, and that we should all live like we were dying, because we are.

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