Millionaire MBA (a review)

Millionaire MBA

The Millionaire MBA is an audio business mentoring programme that I came across a few years ago. I should just say right off the bat that if you follow the programme you don’t actually receive an MBA degree or a certificate, but the Millionaire MBA programme does provide information that will help you become a more successful entrepreneur and business person generally – well that’s my experience anyway. You can find out more here (affiliate link).

It all started with an airline upgrade

My introduction to the Millionaire MBA programme was via a book called “The Millionaire Upgrade” that I bought one Saturday when I was looking for something on success in business. “The Millionaire Upgrade” is about a character called Tom who is upgraded on a long haul flight and ends up sitting next to a self-made millionaire. During the flight Tom learns seven lessons of success, each of which relates to one of the letters of the mnemonic “I BELIEVE”, followed by an eighth, which is the “magic ingredient”. The story ends with Tom resolving to develop a programme like the Millionaire MBA, which is advertised at the back of the book.

Should I invest in the Millionaire MBA?

To begin with I felt a little short-changed. I had bought a book that I thought was going to be complete in itself, which turned out to be a promotional tool for an audio programme. However, on thinking about it further, the book was really good and had some excellent tips on business success, and why not take it further with the Millionaire MBA audio programme? After all, I had been looking for something on success in business and this looked like it was worth a try.

Millionaire MBA audio programme

The Millionaire MBA audio programme was duly ordered and it arrived fairly quickly. Being a bit old-fashioned I ordered in on CDs. In those days it was on audio CDs or MP3 CDs, and I ordered the MP3 ones so I could listen to it on my MP3 player. The programme is currently available as a digital download, which makes everything much quicker and more convenient, which I would have preferred had it been available at the time.

Interviews with 29 successful entrepreneurs

The audio programme consists of interview material from 29 successful entrepreneurs and business people. At first I had little idea who most of the entrepreneurs were, but through internet research and seeing them on television and in the press I have come to know them. They are all very successful and have a lot of insight into the aspects of business covered by the Millionaire MBA.

The Millionaire MBA mentoring programme is divided into two main sections

Part one: themed interviews

Part one has themed content, with a different theme for each of the first twenty days of the programme. Examples of the topics covered include self-belief, communication, networking, goals and focus and stress and pressure. My favourite theme is on day 20, entitled “Making a million”, because the absolute belief the speakers have about how straightforward it is to make a million dollars is quite infectious and makes you want to get started right away. Accompanying the audio content is an extensive 100 page PDF workbook, with a section complementing each day’s material to help you develop your ideas and help you focus on your own business and other life goals.

Part two: interviews with individual entrepreneurs

In part two the focus of each of the 20 days’ content is on one of the entrepreneurs. This enables them to explain in more detail exactly how they achieved their success and how we can model them and apply their strategies in our own endeavours. Modelling (or modeling, depending on your location) is an idea that is used in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and the developers of the Millionaire MBA acknowledge that their intention is to help us model successful people and incorporate their strategies in achieving our own business success. I compiled a list of my favourite books on NLP if you are interested in reading about it.

Bonus material

In addition to the eight weeks’ audio mentoring, there are special feature interviews that are really inspiring and go beyond the focused material in the main mentoring programme, looking at specific issues in business success. You also get the “Millionaire Upgrade” book now as part of the package, together with other audio and printable bonuses.

Millionaire MBA – check it out

Audio programmes that feature people who know what they are talking about, that present information in a way that it can actually be used are few and far between, and the Millionaire MBA is definitely one of them. I’ve listened to it several times and I still find something new each time. So check it out.

This review contains affiliate links

The links in this review are affiliate links so we receive a commission if you purchase the Millionaire MBA after clicking on them. However, this isn’t the reason for the recommendation – I bought the Millionaire MBA programme with my own money some time ago, and I believe in it.

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