New Year Resolutions – 5 days in

So how are those resolutions going?

At the end of each year we decide what we want to achieve in the forthcoming year and come up with some New Year resolutions. Great idea, but the execution is often not that good. We assume that when the New Year comes, things will be quiet and we can get to work on our resolutions in peace. Is that how it turned out?

Although we are less than a week into 2010 many people are already feeling like their resolutions are a lost cause. This is the time when we need to resolve to keep those resolutions and follow through as the year progresses.

Set aside a short period at the end of each day, one or two minutes might be enough, to check that you did something that day to help you move towards the goals you resolved to reach. At the end of each week set aside some more time (maybe five minutes) to review how you are doing at keeping those resolutions and plan for how you are going to progress in the forthcoming week. These few minutes make all the difference so set the time aside.

Remember, you won’t find the time, you need to make the time.

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