Whaddya really wanna do?

You can get as enthusiastic as you like about being successful generally but it seems to me that after a while you will get fed up unless you are pursuing something you are really passionate about. The goal of undefined success can only keep you going for so long. Are bankers happy? You might have […]

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Aaaayy! Make like The Fonz

Make like The Fonz

Do you remember a television show from the 1970s called “Happy Days”? In case you’re too young to remember, or so old that you’ve forgotten, it was about the Cunningham family, who lived in 1950s Milwaukee: Mr & Mrs C, and the kids Richie, Joannie and Chuck (who didn’t last long). The Cunninghams had a […]

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Money, money, money – how do you get rich?

Money, money, money - how do you get rich?

I’m not poor, but… If you’re already rich, or at least have as much money as you want, then this may not be for you. However, if you see people doing things that only your lack of money prevents you doing, then read on. A lot of people who couldn’t be described as poor have […]

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An old Steve Jobs video

This video is a few of years old now but most people I tell about it haven’t seen it, so maybe you haven’t either. It’s a speech that Steve Jobs gave at a Stanford University graduation ceremony and it’s one of the most inspiring things you’ll ever see. Three stories In the video Steve tells […]

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I should be so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky)

I should be so lucky

There’s a form of farewell used by Londoners that fascinates me. “Be lucky”, they say as you are parting. Although similar to saying “good luck”, “be lucky” suggests that you have some choice in the matter and that you can decide to be lucky. But can you? What is luck? You can find all sorts […]

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Objection! Sustained!

Buying signal

Are customer objections buying signals? A lot of sales training courses teach us that objections from customers are an indication that they are interested and that we should treat them as buying signals. We are then taught a range of objection handing techniques that will overcome the objections and lead us to the sale. But […]

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If you’re not a fan of football (or soccer as it’s usually called in North America) you may not realise what the title of this post refers to. It’s the word “goal” screamed at top volume by a South American commentator when someone scores a goal, and it’s intended to last as long as possible. […]

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Do we need to feel the fear before we do it?

Eliminate fear

In Susan Jeffers’ famous book of the same name we are told to “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. This is a great piece of advice since it enables us to act in the face of our fears, making it more likely that we will be successful in any endeavour. But how realistic is […]

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Win the “You Game” for business success

Win the

Here the “You” is not you, it’s the person you are talking to. Read on and hopefully all will become clear. How often have you met someone at a networking event, business mixer or just socially who talks and talks about themselves and their business and never asks about you or gives you an opportunity […]

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