Millionaire MBA (a review)

Millionaire MBA

The Millionaire MBA is an audio business mentoring programme that I came across a few years ago. I should just say right off the bat that if you follow the programme you don’t actually receive an MBA degree or a certificate, but the Millionaire MBA programme does provide information that will help you become a […]

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Aaaayy! Make like The Fonz

Make like The Fonz

Do you remember a television show from the 1970s called “Happy Days”? In case you’re too young to remember, or so old that you’ve forgotten, it was about the Cunningham family, who lived in 1950s Milwaukee: Mr & Mrs C, and the kids Richie, Joannie and Chuck (who didn’t last long). The Cunninghams had a […]

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An old Steve Jobs video

This video is a few of years old now but most people I tell about it haven’t seen it, so maybe you haven’t either. It’s a speech that Steve Jobs gave at a Stanford University graduation ceremony and it’s one of the most inspiring things you’ll ever see. Three stories In the video Steve tells […]

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How do you get what you want?

There’s a very funny bit in the audio version of “Unlimited Power” by Tony Robbins where he talks about goals. He says that when you ask most people what they want they say (he uses a funny voice), “I dunno?!?”. He goes on to make the point that if you aren’t clear about what you […]

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