How to lose weight in a month

How to lose weight in a month - man looking at scales

Why would you want to lose weight anyway? People who are overweight can get very annoyed with others telling them they need to lose weight. The advice could be on the television, in the newspapers, or on the internet, but if you’re overweight it always seems to be the same message – “you need to […]

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Sleep deprivation symptoms – is this you?

Sleep deprivation symptoms - is this you?

How often do you feel tired during the day? Sometimes you might not even realise that tired is what you actually feel. You might just feel strange, hungry, restless, unhappy, or any one ore more of a number of other symptoms of sleep deprivation. People may tell you that you look tired, and it may […]

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Drink less alcohol – get more done

Drink less alcohol - get more done

Some of the information available on alcohol consumption is quite confusing. There’s no doubt that excessive alcohol consumption is very harmful, leading to liver disease, high blood pressure, brain damage and an increased risk of developing cancer. For example, NIH provide resources on the harmful effects of heavy drinking. However, it’s the information on moderate […]

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Let’s get moving!

Five good reasons to do some regular exercise. New year is traditionally the time when people decide to start doing some exercise. Gym memberships are taken up, which often cost a lot of money, then not used as the initial enthusiasm disappears. Here are five very good reasons to stick with the plan to do […]

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