Who’s got the power?

Can you spot who’s got the power? Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have all the power? Maybe it’s at work, socially or in sports situations. Others seem to defer to them, worry about what they will think, allow them to dictate the mood in any setting and take care over what […]

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I should be so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky)

I should be so lucky

There’s a form of farewell used by Londoners that fascinates me. “Be lucky”, they say as you are parting. Although similar to saying “good luck”, “be lucky” suggests that you have some choice in the matter and that you can decide to be lucky. But can you? What is luck? You can find all sorts […]

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It’s all about output

It's all about output

We are usually encouraged to learn and learning is, without doubt, a great thing. However, there could be much more attention paid to what we do with that learning and the things we learn. Often, learning is seen as an end in itself (which is okay to some extent, I suppose) but we could be […]

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