Whaddya really wanna do?

You can get as enthusiastic as you like about being successful generally but it seems to me that after a while you will get fed up unless you are pursuing something you are really passionate about. The goal of undefined success can only keep you going for so long.

Are bankers happy?

You might have a goal of making a lot of money but if you don’t enjoy what you do to make it then how long can you keep it up? We hear a lot about the astronomical sums being made by people in the banking industry but most of the ones I speak to (or see on television) are dreaming about retirement. Where’s the quality of life there then?

Do anything you wanna to do

I was thinking about this question recently and it reminded me of a song from the 1970s by a band called Eddie and the Hot Rods called “Do anything you wanna do”. To help you meditate on what it is you really want to do here is a video (not very high quality picture, I’m afraid) of Eddie (Barry, actually) and the boys doing their stuff.

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